Level of Services:

The Pipette Solution has three different levels of service. They are Express, Standard and Deluxe. We always provide preventive maintenance with each service performed.

For each level, we include our 7-point process:

  • Inspect each pipette physically
  • Test each pipette prior to disassembly and record "As found" data if needed
  • Clean each pipette internally and externally
  • Perform preventive maintenance which includes replacing the seal and/or lubrication
  • Calibrate each pipette according to ISO 8655 specifications to provide a linear calibration
  • Certify each pipette and fasten a calibration label
  • Guarantee your pipette for your service interval

Express Service:
This certification includes our 7-point service as well as:

  • Documentation of each pipette by serial/ID number
  • Documentation of preventive maintenance performed
  • Documentation of replacements parts and relevant notes
  • Readings are taken at the low and high volumes
  • Readings will not be recorded, however they will be within the required specifications

Standard Service:
This certification includes our Express Service as well as:

  • Recorded readings will include four "As Left" readings at the high volume
  • Pipette is designated as "pass" or "fail"

Deluxe Service:
This certification includes our Standard Service as well as:

  • Each pipette receives its own certificate
  • Environmental conditions are recorded and factored into the calibration process
  • Documentation of NIST traceable equipment used by technician
  • "As Found" and "As Left" readings are taken and recorded at the low, mid and high volumes