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Referral Rewards: We would like to offer our customers a token of appreciation when you refer us to others. When you refer a company or laboratory that chooses to use us and has over twenty pipettes, we will send you a personal gift card.

Customer Satisfaction Survey: As a bonus, after completing a short customer service Survey on our website, your laboratory will qualify for entry into our January and July drawings. This entitles the winning laboratory staff to a free catered lunch compliments of The Pipette Solution. Winners will be notified and also posted on our website.

Good luck to everyone!

January 2012 - Joye Lab - UGA
July 2011 - Dalton Lab - UGA
January 2011 - Haskins Lab - UGA
July 2010 Winner - Dr. Morans' Lab - UGA
January 2010 Winner - Dr. Hook's Lab - UGA
July 2009 Winner - Dr. Gadda's Lab - GSU