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Mail-In Calibrations and Repairs

Single-Channel Pipettes
Starting From $15.00

Multi-Channel Pipettes
Starting From $19.00

  • Seals and O-rings are included in the price; additional parts will be added to the bill if necessary
  • Customers are responsible for outgoing shipping, Free return overnight shipping on over 20 pipettes
  • Outgoing shipping labels can be emailed to you, for your convenience
  • Please include a few tips for each pipette
  • Fill out the following Mail-In Request form prior to shipment
  • 24-48 hour turn around
  • Split Shipments can be arranged for your convenience

The Pipette Solution is not equipped to deal with radioactive or hazardous materials, therefore please follow proper procedure with your pipettes and fill out a statement of decontamination. This MUST be included with the pipettes.
Click here for the statement of decontamination.

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