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Which Pipette should I Purchase?

August 8th, 2013 by The Pipette Solution

We are always asked “Which pipette brand should I purchase?”.  After much thought – we have created a blog to help our customers with common questions.  Please feel free to comment or respond.

Eppendorf Pipettes. If you have a lot of undergraduates in your lab using your pipettes, whether you are a teaching lab or a research lab, Eppendorf pipettes are a MUST.  We are Eppendorf Research Plus fans.  They come in single channel, multi-channel, fixed and adjustable volumes.  They have autoclavable lower parts and they have a two-stop operation.  They come with an excellent warranty and are just excellent pipettes all around.  Eppendorfs compose of a plastic piston with a spring.  Therefore, there is less room for corrosion due to the plastic piston.  Eppendorf References are also great pipettes, but the tip ejection can take place when you push on the second stop.  Sometimes this causes problems with the new students handling the pipettes and it makes for a frustrating day of pipetting.

Gilson Pipettes. You cannot go wrong with the name Gilson.  Gilsons are strong, undergrad proof pipettes that can live as long as you would like them to.  In our years of experience, we have never seen a Gilson that is beyond repair.  We carry every part of a Gilson pipette in our inventory.  Gilson has come out with a bunch of different styles over the years.  For undergraduate labs, we recommend the Neo series or the Classic series.

These are our favorite brands.  Feel free to comment and let us know if you like a different brand or style.

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